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Why is Bipad PIC Needed?

There is a lack of communication about local interest articles that will appear in upcoming issues of magazines. Opportunties to optimize sales are missed when wholesalers and retailers find out too late about a local interest story from a route salesman, a retailer or the local newspaper.

How Does It Work?

BIPADPIC contracts with publishers to act as a "clearing house" for local stories, receiving an early copy hot off the press and identifying local interest articles. Wholesalers and Retailers are informed by e-mail, and can then take marketing and publicity steps to optimize sales. The whole Industry works in synch to maximize sales and minimize magazne returns.

What are the benefits?

Each level of the industry, publisher, wholesaler and retailer receives additional profits, lower returns and has happier customer accounts.


  • Cooperate by informing retailers informing media place point of sale materials if possible.
  • Don't destroy returns, keep them for redistribution.
  • Help justify publication cost by maximizing sales opportunities.
  • Optimize sales by maintaining on racks if sales warrant.


  • Send copy from printer UPS Federal Express
What Is The Bottom Line? If we all work in synch: MORE $$$$$$$

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